by chris staples

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released June 1, 2011



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chris staples Seattle, Washington


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Track Name: answers/questions
tear it apart, tear it apart
try and put it back together
today turns to tomorrow
tomorrow to forever

the words that we are speaking
are just adding to the noise
till the day it all goes silent
til the day it all goes black

i don't have an easy answer
i don't even know the question anymore

waiting for the bus
just to watch the people pass
mothers with their strollers
students late for class
somewhere, somewhere
there is always somewhere you gotta be
if i could just be patient the whole world
would come to me

don't have an easy answer
don't even know the question anymore

i took off my clothes
i climbed into a tree
with his one good eye
the moon looked down at me
am i dreaming?
why should i really care
i woke up in the morning
leaves tangled in my hair
Track Name: cincinnati
cincinnati where's your smile
your downtown has been frowning for a little while
cincinnati where is your heart
it's still beating

cincinnati is it true
you grew up tall in an 1800s boom
cincinnati is it true
nobody knew it but you

and you're just like me
cause i want to begin again
and you're just like me
cause i've seen better days before
and your're just like me cause i'm all boarded up like you
Track Name: pretty bird
oh pretty bird
i love to hear you sing
but you won't belong to anyone
you just belong to spring
when i wake up in the morning
when i go to sleep at night

oh pretty bird
I've never known someone so free
the way you hop from branch to branch
the way you fly from tree to tree
when you wake up in the morning
when you go to sleep at night

maybe your freedom is a lie
maybe your prison is the sky
maybe you are looking back at me
wishing somehow you were free
Track Name: orange light
we climbed all day
until the sun went down
we could see the soft glow
from a faraway town

i rolled out my bag
on the cold hard ground
staring into the flames as they
were dying down

listening close
to the howling of a dog
somewhere in the canyon
singing into the fog

the sun climbed up the eastern slopes
hanging through the trees
like yellow rope
we packed up our things
and we headed down
back to our lives
back to our town
back to our problems
back to our jobs