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Track Name: one became two
In a slow dirty tear
one became two
i can't tell if it was me now
i can't tell if it was you

so look me in the eye
and tell me when
you see the stranger
i have always been
and now your know
what it meant
now you see
what you thought you saw

just like fish
just like frogs
just like weasels,
horses and dogs.
something from deep down
is going to make you feel
is going to make you wonder
if it's fake or real

now we're alone
like we've always been
cherries barely attached at the stem
Track Name: grand coulee dam
devil must have got your soul
but i see an angel when i look in your eyes
don't want to know your secrets
don't really want to hear your lies

we could sit in solitude
february, march, april, may and june
i've been predicting the weather
contemplate the phases of the moon
doesn't matter what you do
love is not letting go of you

new year's eve 1964
leaning over grand coulee dam
bottle of warm champagne
wilted flowers in my hand
uneasy look in your eye
unwilling to let go
honey you are afraid
come stand beside me in the snow
Track Name: domino effect
get it straight up in your head
don't consider anything
one day your tower is going to fall
your enemies are going to sing

all we had to do is set the bait
sit back and wait
for the domino effect
tripped off by one mistake

maybe i'm just too naive
i need to stash some daggers up my sleeve
record every word you say
and walk backwards when i leave
Track Name: the lady of fortune
the lady of fortune
has blindfolded eyes
she's indifferent as i rise to the sky
and when at last i begin to fall
the lady of fortune
don't care at all

don't know about karma
don't know about god
i'm just playing the odds
with the lady of fortune

don't know about free will
don't know about fate
that lady opens and closes the gate

so give that wheel a spin
let my luck begin
Track Name: bell into my ear
on nights like tonight
when the stations come in clear
every note of every chord
like a bell into my ear
and the peripheral sounds
they do not mean a thing
go ahead and blur it out with a twist of the focus ring

our love was a song
it went on and on and on
into the morning hour
the sweetest grapes
became so sour
but now we know what were made of
the paint is all chipped away
the wheels are falling off
and they're towing it away

i was a cold automatic beast
sometimes i was your lover
combat me as a foe
protect me as a mother

it's not a ship coming to port
a holiday parade
a big band finale
it was just a cool spot in the shade
our love was just a whisper
spoken softly in the night
picked up and floated on
unable to be made right
Track Name: whitewash paint
just another rainy day waiting
on an offer that you couldn't refuse
whitewash paint on your jeans
holes in the soles of your shoes

you can't stay in one place for too long
locked away in your little town
every fall you gotta let go
and let the cold winter wind
blow you around
Track Name: hummingbird
hummingbird flap your tiny wings
stick your skinny beak into everything
too many choices
one million tempting voices
imaginary nothing
constructed out of nothing

tried to get your fill
but your fill could not be gotten
your senses were gratified
but the pleasure was forgotten
and your memories are building up
now they're breaking through the levy
and your back to where you started
you're crying like a baby

hummingbird where you going to go when it starts to rain?
where you going to go when
the winter comes again
Track Name: thrift store jesus painting
i shook hands with the clientele
i meandered the halls of hell
i bit my tongue
i ignored the smell for you

now that it's over
behind me stands
the dust covered ruin
that we built by hand
brick by brick
100 stories tall
it's a tower of memories
blurred by alchohol

we crossed riverbeds of bone
we used skulls as stepping stones
cut mountain road through solid rock
once we were fearless
now we can't even talk
a kitchen table
2 empty chairs
your slender shadow
climbs the stairs
some rotten fruit
a stack of mail
thrift store jesus painting
hanging on a nail

castles in the sand
built in a day
washing away
Track Name: cold blue light
like a cold dead star
we are falling apart
settling into the dust
spinning off into the dark

i looked the other way
you turned your naked eyes
to the laws that apply
to the living of our lives

it's a cold blue light
it's a bitter little pill
hesitate to watch it suffer
before you make the kill

we're ordinary now
just like everybody else
scripted re-enactments
of our childhood selves
Track Name: mailbox
i was afraid
for a while
that things would not be getting any better
that i should be expecting a letter
in my mailbox
informing me
that your feelings have been whittled
down to nearly nothing
and oh could you please
collect up all your things
and leave them in a box
for easy pick up
Track Name: the good things
i do not know what lies ahead
i do not know what i'll become
i wish to promise you the moon
i wish to promise you the sun
nothing gets me higher than you

every step of the way
a coin is tossed
a little ground is gained
a little ground is lost
let the good things come
let the good things leave
keep some good things
tucked up your sleeve